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Please email your orders directly to :
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Note: Please fill in all fields in the form below - incomplete forms will beconsidered void. If you require assistance, please visit our shop/agencies.

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Please read "File Specification of Incoming Manuscripts by E-mail" carefully,  and then:
1) Click the button below to open your Microsoft Exchange Email.

Alternatively you can send email to either of the emails below (Remove the spaces!):
sales1 @ onedayprint.com.sg (Suitable for small size manuscripts)
onedayprint @ gmail.com  (Suitable for larger size manuscript)
2) Use the "E-mail Attachment" function to attach your manuscript file. (If the file size is over 5MB, please come directly to our main shop with your file) .
3) Remember to press "SEND" to send your manuscript file first, then come back to this page to complete the order form.
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Order must not exceed S$50.  &
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. By doing so, you agree that: upon having confirmed your order, we will take 1 working day to print, after which within the next 2 working days, you have to collect your order and make payment at our main printing shop. Should you fail to do so, we may regard this as a case of fraud or violation of contract.
( You may only select 'Collect at main shop' for the next one.)
Choice of Collection Method :
* If customer chooses to receive their order via postal mail (Free postal charges for orders above $18, otherwise +$3.50 postage and handling charge), they will need to fill in the name of the recipient & address where the goods should be delivered to : 

(For safety purposes, if you are printing important things for schools or the government, we will only mail goods to the office itself.)
Time taken for order to be finished (computation by working day) :
For Digital Quick Print -
1).Collection from main shop :
1 day to reply to the order form + Time taken for Payment + 1 day to print (can collect on day of printing)
2).Deliver goods to your doorstep :
1 day to reply to the order form + Time taken for Payment + 1 day to print +
Goods will be delivered to customer's doorstep within 1-3 working days (by post).
3).Collect goods within 1 hour :
If you want to collect the goods in 1 hour, please come to our main shop  personally to discuss.
For PVC Banner :
1 day to reply to the order form  + 7 days to print  

( 3 ) Printing Contract :

  1. Should any printing error arise due to wrong information provided by the customer or if there is any mistakes on the confirmed artwork, the customer has to bear sole responsibility. However if the fault resulted from our company's mistake, customers may claim compensation within 7 days, in the form of reprinting of the initial printing order. Overdue claims or cash refunds shall not be entertained.
  2. By instructing our company to perform a print job, it is implied that the customer agrees to bear sole responsibility for any legal charges, legal actions, proceeding claims and penalties. Customer has to pay all legal charges, proceeding claims, loss and penalties on behalf of our company. Customer has to ensure the content is ethical and legal and not violate any copyright laws. Our company reserves the right to reject any orders without further explanations.
  3. Regarding the color shift: For example : The color seen on the PC monitor and the color of actual printout are not identical, the color difference between RGB and CMYK. (When converting RGB to CMYK, the blue and green will become dark blue and dark green, for other colors there will be slight color shift). In addition, printing on different types of paper and under different situations, the darkness of the output colors could be slightly different. Such differences is unavoidable, customer has to accept it.
  4. Upon receiving a customer's order form, we will reply immediately or within 1 working day. If there are any faults or issues with the submitted order form or attached manuscript(s), we will inform the customer to make the necessary changes. We shall not be held responsible for the delay in lead time as a result of such complications. Otherwise if the order form and manuscript is suitable for immediate printing, we will officially accept the order and request for the customer to perform one last verification on the order form and manuscript content, and to E-mail us an order confirmation. Once we receive this confirmation, no more changes will be allowed as we will immediately proceed with the printing.
  5. Upon receiving a customer's order confirmation, we will need 1 working day to print (if more than 1 working day is required, we will make it known you when you place the order), after which the customer has to collect and make payment within the next 2 working days if he/she had chosen to collect at our main printing shop. If the customer chose to collect at other collection centres, he/she has to do so within the next 7 working days. For customers who opt to have their completed orders delivered by postal mail, if you do not receive them within the next 5 working days, please inform us or we will assume otherwise. Within the above stated respective datelines, if customers fail to pay/collect or falsely claim not to have received their orders, we may consider the case as fraud or violation of contract, and if no reasonable explanation is given, our company reserves the right to take legal actions.
  6. Prices and rates listed on this website are subjected to change without notice. If transaction conditions and price differs from that which is published on our website, both parties must abide by the order form agreed upon at the time of trade.

( 4 ) Declaration of Customer :

  1. I/We declare that the above "Customer Personal Particulars" are true and valid.
  2. I/We fully understand and agree all the items of the above stated "Order Details" and "Printing Contract"

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