Participate in our entrepreneur plan:
“You design, we print”

- No longer valid as of 2007 -

  If you are a graphic designer, and want to be your own boss, we hope we can attract you to join our "you design, we print" plan. With your skills and design proficiency, you are bound to wow customers with your service. Let us be a partner for you in printing the end product, there is no investment needed and it is definitely more economical than purchasing your own printing machine and equipment.
To qualify in the "You design, we print" plan, the candidate must:



Knows how to design graphic and can use tools like Photoshop,CorelDRAW,FreeHand etc.
Knows a bit of sales technique. and promote a minimum of 300 pcs of A3 printing.
Can converse in English.

Benefits of participating in the "You design, we print" plam:




You can work from home with flexible working hours.
You can be your own boss, as long as you're hardworking, you are bound to have a higher income than working for someone.
No investment in printing machine needed, hugely lowering your risk
A shared printing machine is more efficient than a self-used machine. Therefore by joining our "You design, we print" plan, you have the advantage of us buying in bulk, thus saving you much more cost than buying material for your own use!
Not only do we share our printing machine with you, we can also share our tools and equipment,technical knowledge and experience in this field with you!

    Are you excited now? If you are, hurry and phone 67882039 and book an appointment with our manager to further discuss this opportunity! Time waits for no one!


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