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Manuscript Requirements How to


Please read the specification below carefully to avoid unnecessary time delay in unsuitable manuscript.

  • First look at the basic e-Design Specifications, followed by the specifications listed below

  • The T-shirt material needs to be able to withstand ironing

  • T-shirt material must be light coloured. For best results, use white. Because laser printer colouring are half transparent, the colour will appear more radiant on light colour cloth, but harder to see on dark colour cloth
  • Please user As size of 42cmX29.7cm for the manuscript.
  • A3 cannot be wholely printed without bleed, and would need 5mm bleed.
  • An A3 size manuscript can contain many different designs printed which can then be cut out seperately to iron onto different t-shirts
  • All pictures need to be above 300dpi, text height must be at least 1cm. As clothing have lining, words that are too small may turn out deformed or unclear.

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