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Manuscript Requirements How to

How to transfer your prints onto T-shirt:

  1. Iron the destinated T-shirt (must be light in colour or white) so that it is flat and smooth.

  2. Place the transfer paper on the T-shirt, with the printed side facing the T-shirt face down

  3. Iron over the transfer paper 10+ times

  4. Flip up a corner of the transfer paper and peek at it. If the transfer paper still has colour residue, you will need to place it back down and iron over the transfer paper a few more times; if all the colour has went onto the T-shirt, then you can remove the whole transfer paper.
    Important : If you encounter difficulty peeling it off the shirt, you will need to stop tearing immediately and iron the transfer paper a few more time, because when it is hotter, it's easier to tear off.

  5. Place a sheet of white paper on the T-shirt where you have printed the design, and iron over it a few times. This is so let the paper absorb excess wax, so that the colour would look more radiant!
  6. The first 3 times after you have made the iron-on T-shirt, you might notice the colour might fade a little. However after that, it should not occur anymore; To keep the colour bright and radiant, it always helps to iron the shirt after wash.


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