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Please read the specification below carefully to avoid unnecessary time delay in unsuitable manuscript.


  • First look at the basic e-Design Specifications,followed by the specifications listed below

  • Please use 8.6cmX5.45cm as design dimension for Employee ID Card

  • When editing the front,it is advisable to leave a bleed of 5mm-7mm for best results.

  • When editing the back,there must be a bleed of 7mm and above. This is to offset the inaccuracy whilst cutting, since we can only focus on one side, and this might result in a 2mm human cutting error. When there is a 7mm bleed, this 2mm error will not be obvious to the naked eyes.

  • The card manuscript cannot have lines or border on the edge, this is to accomodate for human cutting error

  • We do not support full-page printing for employee ID card, it is compulsory to leave a bleed of at least 3mm; that way the employee ID card can last longer.

  • All images need to be above 300dpi,and small text would need to be 400dpi minimum.



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