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Please read the specification below carefully to avoid unnecessary time delay in unsuitable manuscript.


  • First look at the basic e-Design Specifications,followed bt the specifications listed below

  • For A5 design drafts, please use a dimension of 21cm X 14.85cm

  • If customer choose to print foldable cards, thus A4 folded into A5 card, please send a 4-page A5 manuscript to us, and include another picture/document that details the document name and layout style, like the picture below. (A simple way: Fold a piece of paper into two, and write the document name on each page, then open it up and take the photo of it on both sides and send us)


  • We cannot do full page printing for A5/A4 printing, so please leave a 5mm bleed for design drafts.

  • All pictures need to be above 300dpi, and small text would need to be 400dpi minimum.


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