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What is a Facebook Sticker?

We all know what Facebook is, but have you ever heard of 'Facebook sticker'?

(Image for illustration purposes only. You need only stick ONE Facebook sticker on your postal packages!)

These simple yet nifty creations are what we call 'Facebook stickers'. They are one-of-a-kind, 100% designed, customized and made in Singapore, only at Onedayprint (:

What does it do? You stick these stickers on your products and packaging.
When a customer spots it, they will straight away know that:
1. Your brand has a social media presence (Facebook or Twitter for instance)
2. Where to connect with your brand online (They had long wanted to praise and share your excellent product with their circle of friends, but did not know how to!)

The customer then goes online and connects with your Facebook page. They can 'Like' and share your wonderful company with their friends, write a helpful testimonial, ask meaningful questions, or keep themselves closely updated on your discounts and promotional events (so that they can buy even more from you, of course!).
All these creates exactly what a business needs: returning customers AND new customers!
This buzz also directly translates into increased sales for the business owner.

Their word-of-mouth is bound to reach the ears (er, or should I say smartphones) of your potential customers. Sounds good? We certainly think so!

Why Facebook sticker?

Facebook sticker helps business owners like you by letting your customers know where to connect with and give opinions about your products online.

As of today there are more than 2,700,000 Facebook users in Singapore, and the average time we spend on the social platform is #1 worldwide: 38 minutes 46 seconds, in comparison to United States' 20 minutes 46 seconds! (Source: Experian, a U.K. research firm)

Now comes the inevitable but important question:

Q: Why choose Facebook stickers? Why not distribute flyers at MRT and HDB flats, put up some attractive banners or even advertise directly on public transports? We can simply print our business's Facebook details on flyers and advertisements, isn't that right?

A: When you print and distribute flyers, you are reaching out to random people. Mathematically speaking, this is NOT efficient. How many of these random people are able to connect to and appreciate your product? Would they 'Like' your business on Facebook if they have no idea what it is about?

On the other hand, our Facebook stickers are shown only to customers who have already bought your products, or potential customers who are interested in them. This group of people will then spread the word to ALL their friends on Facebook. The chances of reaching out to a 'new customer' is much greater because their friends are very likely to share the same interests.

Take this simple scenario for example: A bodybuilder buys a dumbbell online. He then 'Likes' the online shop on Facebook. Out of his friends, how many categories of 'potential customers' can you think of? His bodybuilding buddies. His gym mates. His admirers (just kidding, but... perhaps). You get the idea!

As for those friends who do not happen to share the interest? We leave that to the power of peer influence. Many of us are probably guilty of dining at an unheard-of restaurant or trying out new activities for the first time because 'my friends said it's fun / nice / great / awesome'.

We do not deny the importance of traditional advertising methods, such as flyers distribution. They do after all have the advantage of reaching out to a larger audience, at a much greater cost of course. That does not mean you should underestimate our Facebook stickers though - try them today and watch your sales multiply as customers enter your social world!

Who can use Facebook Sticker?

Our Facebook sticker works for practically all types of businesses. Some examples:

Online clothes store: Stick a Facebook sticker before you mail the clothes package
Any forms of online stores: If you can attach a postage stamp, you can stick a Facebook Sticker
F&B (takeaway food and beverages): Stick on food, drink or ice cream container
Cupcakes, cake pops business: Delicious stuff must be shared with friends on Facebook!

Facebook stickers are also ideal for cups / mugs, company event gifts, business cards, promotional items (accesories, mini bottles, etc), product boxes / packaging, storefront displays, on store shelves, on price tags, CD / DVD covers and more!

How do I get started?

Step 1: Tell us your Facebook page

Let's move on to Step 2... no? Well, this is the end of the extra hassle-free process!
You can leave everything else to us - designing, customization, printing and die-cut. So just sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy your sticking spree! Happy sticking!

Does your business require something more than just stickers?
We have another range of customised social media products specially catered to you!
(Under construction. Upcoming products: QR sticker printing, FB window decal printing)

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